As Winston Churchill said, ‘Never give in; never, never, never.’

The first pages of this book, which is being released on Amazon today, were written in 2005. To give you some perspective on that: At the time, the reigning social media platform was MySpace. Really.

Also in 2005, I was a relatively young writer in San Luis Obispo, California, who’d…

Nanowrimo novelists, there’s no need to be tied down to chronological order

A runner leaps from one high rock to another, against the backdrop of the ocean.

It’s mid-November, and I’ve joined the worldwide scrum of happy, anguished writers participating in National Novel Writing Month. Today, in search of inspiration, I went to the Nanowrimo’s archive of pep talks. There, I discovered founder Chris Baty’s pep talk from 2010. He wrote about Week Two and some of…

Was ‘The Great Gatsby’ the forerunner to the hardboiled crime story? (Caution: Many spoilers)

A vanity table holding cocktails, a pearl necklace and a vintage lamp.

In my younger years, my father gave me some advice — wait, that wasn’t me.

Let’s try again: In my younger years, I read The Great Gatsby twice. Once in high school, again in college, sprinting through its nine economically-written chapters so I could write the obligatory paper on “Car…

On the character at the center of my first novel

Note: A version of this essay ran on my website. Since I no longer maintain a site for my novels, and there’s been some interest in Sarah with the release of the third book in the trilogy, I’m reproducing it here.

The year that Sarah Pribek began to appear in…

Jodi Compton

Jodi Compton is the author of four crime novels. Learn more about her books at

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